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We spent 10 years designing and saving to build the House on Bluebird Ridge not only as a comfortable Colorado cozy place to live and raise 4 kids, but as a warm, welcoming place for guests and people who need a place to stay.  Over the years the house has been host to fundraising events, church events, school events, community events, and for 8 years, 50-70 high school kids every week for youth group.  If the walls could talk!  

Now, the kids are grown and we are blessed to be able to share it with others.  We strive to accommodate your needs in every way possible and enjoy introducing you to associates who can make your time here special by providing special services like; Catering, onsite chefs, outdoor adventure guides and group outing coordinators.  If you need it, we will help you find it.  

Please, be our guests!  We would love it if you stayed at Bluebird Ridge Ranch.

Bob & Chris Mikulas